The history of games I've made over the years. Note that some games may be missing or in the wrong spot.

The Adventures of Super John (and others) (2019)

An old series of RPG Maker games. As horrendous as these games were, I get an automatic free pass because they were my first games.

(there were a few games between here but i've forgotten about them)

Please Press The Red Button (2021)

An old series of bad "Flash" games. These games are available on this very site.

Click here to play 'em!

Moondust's Birthday Adventure (Leap Year (kinda) 2023)

A game starring Moondust I made for my older sister's birthday. Can be played on itch.io.

Valentine's Birthday Quest (March 2023)

A game starring Valentine I made for my younger sister's birthday. Can be played on GameJolt.

Peppermint's Birthday Journey (August 2023)

A game starring Peppermint I made for my mom's birthday. Can be played on itch.io and GameJolt.